How to Read the deleted Whatsapp Messages? How to Recover the deleted Whatsapp Messages?

How to Read the deleted Whatsapp Messages? How to Recover the deleted Whatsapp Messages?

Read the deleted Whatsapp Message

 Often people delete messages on Whatsapp before you are able read them
 A lot of people have asked me "How to Read the deleted Whatsapp Messages?" This Artical will answer that question Hello! My name is Hafiz Awais Before we proceed, let me tell you that Subscribe My channel to learn more about Whatsapp If you want to read the deleted Whatsapp messages, there is an app called NOTISAVE
I will show how to use this app on an Android phone. And 2 things to note... so keep Reading till the end!

CLICK below to Download the NOTISAVE App

 This is the Notisave app. I have already installed it on my phone.
Let' open it The first time, you will have to give the app some permissions.
Let's click on 'Allow' You can give Notisave access to your switching the button on
Let's click on 'Next' These are all the apps on my phone where I can give access to Notifications Let me give access to Notisave
 Let's click on Allow... and this is switched on Let's exit from here This is the list of all the Apps on my phone ... being loaded Now you can choose which apps to save on Notisave. Let's click on 'Next' Here you have the app settings Let me remove the Lockscreen widget Now you can put a Password, if you wish to
But I cam going to skip this step, for now. Let's get out of the App settings Let's open Whatsapp This is Whatsapp Test Chat. Let me send some test messages to this chat now Let me exit from Whatsapp Now let me send a few whatsapp messages from the test phone and delete a message before its read Let me open Whatapp Now you can see I have got 3 new messages Hi, How r u and the third message has been deleted. How can I see the deleted Whatsapp message? Let's go to the Notisave App Let's open it Here you can see - Hi, How r u and the third message that was deleted that deleted message was "Want to speak?" The Notification was captured on your phone and it stayed there even after the Whatsapp message was deleted and you can see the deleted whatsapp message even after someone deletes it

Two things before we go! 

Firstly...Once you install Notisave, you can see the Whatsapp messages deleted henceforth Its obvious that you will not be able to see the deleted Whatsapp messages before this app was installed
Secondly... it's not necessary to give access to all your notifications to Notisave I would advise you to not give access to your Mobile Banking, Digital Wallets or Payment apps Be Careful with your Financial Information This app can be useful but remember to take some basic precautions Hope you found this artical useful Please click the share button and share this artical with everyone who can learn from it! . Thanks for Reading!
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