Best 25 app for editing photos on Android

The best 25 app for editing photos on Android

For iPhone, Android smartphones (Asus, Huawei, Honor, Samsung, etc.) can also install applications that can change photos and images in a professional way.
The Google Play Store has a number of apps for free, including free apps that you can install and use for free.

Among the best applications for Android are applications that take better pictures with the camera, replacing the default application for editing pictures with the default applications for taking pictures and special effects and photo filters.

All photo enthusiasts who own an Android phone can install both camera and image apps to edit, share, and take photos of their phone photos.

This list has 25 of the best free apps for Android phones in the "Photos" category and does not regret any iPhone apps.

1) Google Photos

 is an essential app for any photographer using a smartphone, because it stores photos and provides unlimited cloud space for access from your PC and phone.

They are loaded in high resolution (up to 16 megapixels) and are resized using cameras that take higher resolution pictures.

This application also includes photo retouching tools, automatic operation, and standard editing.

Other articles are Google Photos and all of our automatic and manual features.

2) Snapseed 
is the ultimate free application that allows you to easily edit your photos on your Android phone or tablet with a finger on the screen, with a separate review.

There are a variety of simple and advanced tools such as RAW file support, red-eye removal and filters.

3) Simplified version 
of the famous Photoshop photo editing program with Photoshop Express, a simple and essential tool.

Photoshop applications do simple things like filters and stickers and are free.

4) Photoshop Lightroom for Android, 

which includes more advanced tools than Express version, is always free and reviewed in other posts.

5) The Magic ViewFinder
 application is a photo application that can emulate major Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Sony and other cameras.

Then you can virtually test and prepare each professional camera setting before shooting with the actual camera.

6) The only non-free app 
on the list (2 Euros) is a photo editor app that can eliminate small incompleteness.

You can then see people, wall stains, trash cans or other ugly things.

For free alternatives, this is the best app to change or remove the background of your photos from other articles.

7) Polar represents
the best application to improve the quality of your photos.

8) Fotor
is a great app similar to Snapseed, but you can edit in simple mode, but you have advanced mode, photos.

9) Aviary
is a plug-in and app that allows you to edit photos on your phone.

With Aviary, you can easily edit your photos.

There are tools to fix red-eye, rotate photos, crop, stickers, and use teeth and many other tools.

10) VSCO,
one of the most popular apps in the App Store, is now the # 1 of the most popular and best photo editing apps and is also free for Android.

11) Camera360
 is one of the most downloaded applications in the Android store. The free version has some functional limitations.

It also has a lot of fun effects and you can take a photo by placing another image on top of it.

12) BeFunky
is a popular website that applies different effects to photos on your computer (see Best Web Application for Free Photo Editing)

Applications for Android are free, and you can edit photos with special effects such as brightness, contrast, and frames.

13) PhotoFunia
 is designed for users who want to take pictures with fun pictures.

Other articles are the best app for photo montage on Android and iPhone.

14) Pixlr-o-matic
is another great application for Android similar to Instagram, you can add pictures with many effects and color filters.

Frames, vintage effects, and backgrounds are transparent.

15) The Visage Lab 
can soften your skin, whiten your teeth and improve all the aesthetic defects.

This is one of the best apps to fix your face, skin and scratches in your photos.

16) Photo Editor,
 2017's new application is very effective without ads, rich in filters and photo editing tools, easy to use, perfect.

17) Retro camera
 is an app that takes pictures with automatic vintage effect and looks like it was taken with 80's camera.

18) Cyberlink Photodirector
 is one of the most popular photo editing applications in the store with a variety of tools such as color adjustment, hue, brightness, exposure and contrast, saturation and various effects.

19) Line Camera
 is a free application that takes pictures, then adds frames, pictures, and applies them by editing the Instagram style filter.

20) The photo editor
 is a very popular application for Android phones that has been downloaded by over a million people.

This app contains over 40 filters and special effects, and you can add stickers, text, and frames, and put your photos in postcards, magazines, pictures, and more.

21) Along with Fotor and SnapSeed, Pixels in Autodesk are at the top of the application, making it easy to use the effects to quickly edit photos, to use the editor, and also very perfectly.

22) PicsArt Studio (formerly PicsIn) is the most powerful and free all-in-one image editor for Android.

PicsArt combines the best features of many photo applications, including creating collages, adding frames, stickers, text, and clip art to crop, rotate, adjust color, and add artistic effects to your images.

In addition to the photos already taken, you can use the Picsart camera application to enhance the standard with many additional options.

23) Prism,
an app that turns photos into works of art for Android...

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