Top 5 apps lock fingerprint sensor and Android app

Top 5 apps lock fingerprint sensor and Android app

Passwords and patterns as well as fingerprint scanners are one of the most popular features at the forefront of today's phone locks with fingerprint Android apps. Fingerprint scanners are the latest trend in smart phones. You would have observed that most of the new low-cost phones that the fingerprint scanners are going for are equipped with these new features. The most important purpose of the fingerprint scanner is to lock or unlock the mobile phone, but it can also be used to lock and unlock all mobile phones in the mobile applications.But these phones are not equipped with this feature. The function is easy to use, fast and smart.

Your phone has a built-in fingerprint scanner, but if you do not acquiesce to lock the fingerprint scanner and individual applications of the mobile, you do not have to worry at all! There are several applications that you can add to this option on your phone. And we have 5 best options here for you to lock your fingerprint application on your Android phone from many applications available in the App Store! Here we go:

Part 1: AppLock
Part 2: App Lockers: Fingerprints and Pins
Part 3: FingerSecurity
Part 4: Norton Applock
Part 5: Perfect Applock

1. AppLock

AppLock is rated as one of the best applications for locking applications on your Android phone. By downloading this app you can see that you can actually lock your fingerprint and application on your Android phone. It can also pin photos and videos to your device. You are securing the application feature when you feel that someone is trying to look at the covert mobile while you unlock your android phone. In addition to this, you will also get the option to replace the icon so that you can hide the application. Now you can use this application to download and lock applications on your iPhone or absolutely free for programs using Android fingerprints.


Invisible pattern lock
Virtual keyboard like security.
Free app for all iPhone and Android users
Application features that interact with flexible storage
The minutes version is automatically updated.

Google Rating: 4.4

lock apps with fingerprint android-AppLock

2. App Locker: Fingerprint and Pin

The app locker is named after the list of best applocks using your fingerprint lock application on your Android phone. Most of the features and features of this application are similar to applock. Fingerprint iPhone lock application (using PIN, password or fingerprint sensor) but with a tricky feature application lock function, this is a deceptive application to deceive cheaters that you think is a bad app, Trigger can crashed! Is it interesting to you that one thing is not interesting? - you can also download and use it for free.


You can lock your message application using your gallery, social media application, pin.
Applock has the ability to take pictures of unknown users when you try to open your Android phone.
You can set up a fake application pattern.
Possibilities are fixed according to the session time.
The lock engine is updated immediately.

Google Rating: 4.5

lock apps with fingerprint android-Fingerprint & Pin

3. FingerSecurity

The following is a list of the FingerSecurity - Fingerprint Android and one of the feature-rich lock apps that you can download for your Android phone for free. You can actually lock any application with the help of FingerSecurity. In addition, it also has a hint that you can unlock several applications on one move. If you have a lot of locked applications and those are among a few people, you're a lot like this! But despite the fact that one app that can not be denied is locked, the intruder can get a chance to see what's inside the alert. But Fingersecurity also has an answer to this - it has added a new notification lock feature!


The widget has activation and deactivation services.
The settings of the application are customized.
Apps are designed to prevent removal.
Fingerprints are hidden using the UI.
Protection for newly installed apps.

Google Rating: 4.2

lock apps with fingerprint android-FingerSecurity

4. Norton AppLock

Whenever we hear the word antivirus, the first name that comes to our mind is Norton. It's a great opportunity in Norton antivirus applications. Now they have also come up with a fingerprint Android free lock app. It contains a four-digit PIN or password or pattern as its lock. It also supports icons and pictures with applications. The application presents a list of sanctions that informs the application that it should be locked. Bonus again - this is free to download on all Android devices.


Gizmo for users who expect more noninterventionist.
Take a picture of the illegal intruder.
Solid lock fingerprint iPhone app.

Google Rating: 4.6

lock apps with fingerprint android-Norton Applock
Perfect app lock is yet another big lock application for fingerprinting for Android in the basket of application locks. Like other applocks, this also provides a foundation. It also has special features including support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other buckle locks. This is hard to invade. It's tricky to throw a fake error and a message confusing an intruder passing by. This is rather a thief that thinks there are other issues with the phone except for the applock. Fingerprint Android This lock application is also available for free. The free and paid versions offer the same functionality except that paid versions do not have ads.


Multi-window application is visual.
Every time you unlock the application, the sensor supports it.
Free updates and monetization are available.
No restrictions apply.

Google Rating: 4.5

lock apps with fingerprint android-Perfect Applock

Separately in this application, there are many locking applications as fingerprint locking methods for Android phones; However, it was selected purely according to this user class. If you use the iPhone, you can have some applocks based on fingerprint sensors such as 1Password, Scanner Pro, LastPass users or Mint to lock fingerprints and applications on your iPhone.

Do you know of other applications that can provide similar or better features?

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We can fix your fingerprint sensor using your app and phone Go now, download one for your device, since you say about fingerprint and best lock application for Android. You can benefit from the benefits of downloading and understanding your own advantages and disadvantages. It has a list of five of the best fingerprint scanner applications available in the Play Store. If you have any suggestions, you are most welcome to contact us.

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