Fash light Gallery Vault For Andriod

Electric lamp Exhibition Vault - Display Storage

Electric lamp Exhibition Vault - Cover up Photographs and Recordings

Electric lamp display vault is a one of a kind Exhibition vault by its amezing highlights like Hole up behind Spotlight.

Everyone will imagine this is just Light application yet Just You realize this is an Exhibition vault behind the Light.

The Best Display Storage application with Mystery Light and Exhibition Vault.

Spotlight Display vault otherwise called Light Exhibition Vault.

Protected and Secure Display vault with amezing highlights: 

- Light + Display vault

- Mystery Vault

- Stow away Images.Videos,Audios,Notes.

- Unique finger impression Lock

- Password Recuperation utilizing security quetion

- Counterfeit Password that show void vault

- Protected and Secure Exhibition vault


•Camera: This Consent is use to Turn on/off your Drove Spotlight.

•Use Unique finger impression: This Authorization is use to Open vault with your Unique mark.

•Read/Compose Stockpiling Consent: This Authorization is use to stow away and unhide records to capacity.

•Internet Authorization: This Consent is use to show Advertisements in application.

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