Secret Galler for Andriod

Effectively cover up your photographs and recordings to make your own mystery collections.

Mystery collection to ensure my security!

Photograph, video conceal application

Meet the mystery exhibition.

The mystery exhibition enables you to stow away your very own photographs and recordings behind the pursuit program window that you don't need others to see.

For other people, it would seem that a program search site.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you enter the secret key you set, you can check your own display.

Your private space, 

Keep your photographs and recordings protected and simple.

※ primary capacity

1. Search program topic support

- If it's not too much trouble select your preferred inquiry program.

- Change your other inquiry subject whenever.

2. Enter your secret word

- Enter your secret word in the program search field.

- If no secret phrase, general list items will be uncovered.

3. Cover up photographs and organizers

- You can shroud it again with Organizer Management> Cover up.

- Search shrouded envelopes in search.

4. Source erase work support

- You can decide to consequently erase photographs and recordings from the exhibition.

- If it's not too much trouble be cautious that the erased unique won't be recuperated.

I need to conceal my private collection, private photographs and recordings

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, make do with a mystery display

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