Text repeater App

TextRepeater application rehashes the Content and Emoticons the same number of times as you need!

By utilizing this application you can send a similar message at different occasions. This application is combo pack for the all reiteration application with a low size of the APK It is one sort of message repeater to send message more than once, and furthermore you can set your redundancy limit with new line content redundancy. Utilizing this application you can likewise make rehashed letters utilizing letter set and emoticon characters.

Key Highlights: 

* Just sort once and rehash it the same number of times you need.

* Additionally rehashed emoticons upheld

* Create arbitrary characters with default letter set characters or ASCII characters.

* You can likewise adjust yield

* Offer your rehashed message via web-based networking media

* Duplicate your rehashed content and post via web-based networking media

* Rehashed Letters upheld

* Send Void Messages

* Arbitrary Emoticon Characters

* Rich UI in material plan

* Insane Content

* ASCII Emojis


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