Dopple PowerFull Andriod App

Doppelganger discoverer, Find Clones, Locate My Twin, Discover My Doppelganger

Doppel permits you to find your carbon copies (Doppels) in under a moment! Think about your photographs, talk with and share your matches, discover superstar carbon copies, contrast yourself and loved ones, make and join Doppelgängs, look at other's matches. Your Doppels are sitting tight for you!

******** Visit ******** 

Welcome your Doppels to visit with a solitary snap, and interface over your likeness!

******** Gatherings ******** 

Make and join gatherings (Doppelgängs) to discover, contrast and interface and different clients. Make a gathering with your companions, your family, or join your school's gathering!

******** Big names ******** 

Find whether you look like Models, Web Stars, K-Pop Stars, On-screen characters, Artists and more with our VIP channels.

******** FACE Transform ******** 

Make smooth face transform recordings among you and your Doppels (additionally accessible inside the Think about element!). Drag the slider to see your change at various focuses! At that point, share your transforms with loved ones.

******** Look at ********

Contrast your selfies with those of loved ones! Essentially present a photograph to contrast with yours, and tap "Think about" to discover your % closeness. At that point, share your outcomes with loved ones.

******** FEED ********

Peruse over 6000+ clones found through Doppel in your feed, look at their photographs, and decision on their likeness!

******** PRIVATE PROFILE ******** 

You can set your profile to private, which keeps different clients from having the option to see your profile and send you visit/bunch welcomes. Be that as it may, you won't have the option to see other client Doppels, utilize the visit highlight, or utilize the gatherings include. You can change this setting anytime.

******** Notices ******** 

In the event that you permit message pop-ups, we'll inform you when different clients matches with you, so regardless of whether you don't discover your Doppel from the outset, you can sit tight for them to discover you! Additionally, you can discover when you get welcome to talk, to a gathering, or when you get visit messages

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