Make Rap Song on Mobile Unique App

Feeling innovative? Attempt talk mode and make amusing rap tunes on the spot–simply pick a beat and state something.

Top notch raps in only a couple of taps 

Make a rap track in only a couple of simple advances. Simply pick your style and put it all on the line – AutoRap will convey high sound quality for your chronicles and make them sound smooth.

Experience "Talk Mode" for heaps of fun

Essentially talk into your mic and watch Autorap transform your discourse into rap with autotune and beat-coordinating stream.

Practice and improve your stream on an assortment of beats

Pick instrumentals from an enormous library of beats, from untouched works of art to the most recent and most sultry hip bounce and RnB hits. Or on the other hand look at the huge number network transferred beats. We add new beats to the songbook 3 times each week. Return to perceive what's going on!

Meet and draw in with different rappers from the network 

Rapping is intended to be shared. Join the AutoRap people group and investigate extraordinary tunes from the network. Offer your own, get props and get your name out there. Meet new individuals and take other Autorappers' difficulties or challenge your companions. Autorap will mix the transform by-transform rap-off into a solitary track.

Where beats meet rappers 

Have your very own unique beat? Transfer it to AutoRap and lay your refrains on top. Stunningly better – get different rappers from the network to give it a shot and make new tunes. Join several different beats makers as of now on the application.

Share and become viral 

Rap about something that issues to you and become famous online. Offer your rap chronicles with your companions by means of instant message, email, Facebook or Twitter. Sing them a cheerful birthday they'll always remember, or give them the lowdown on the sandwich you had for lunch.

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