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 Track on the web/disconnected time. Get moment notices and nitty gritty reports. 

Logify, intended for guardians, Logify offers you kid or spouse's online status on the telephone. Monitor your youngster's online occasions. Snoozing? or on the other hand didn't rest? Get moment notices and nitty gritty reports. 

Do you wonder when your kids are resting or arousing? When was your kid on the web? Examine exercises with web based following. Get notices when on the web. 

Logify parental control application offers the accompanying usefulness : 

On the web and disconnected report notices 

• You are promptly educated regarding all exercises 

• You can without much of a stretch oversee on the web and disconnected warnings 

Nitty gritty reports with graphs step by step 

• Track all previous exercises of the client you follow. 

• Day by day, hourly, and furthermore by minutes nitty gritty subsequent reports. 

Last Observed 

• Shut the last observed or obstructed you, you can follow his/her last observed. 

• You can see how often she/he signs in during the day and how long she/he remains on the web. 

Check the on the web and disconnected status of your family and friends and family 

Family Track - On the web and Disconnected Status: Last observed permits you to watch out for your family's online status, last observed status and talk utilization. 

Are your children resting or visiting with somebody? Online after sleep time? 

Regardless of whether you can't be with your youngsters, you can watch and follow them day in and day out! Free preliminary at this point! 

We give definite reports on the online movement of the number you need, alongside moment cautions and notices. 

You can likewise effectively screen and get day by day utilization insights with visual examination. 

Unique Highlights of our visit following: 

Track and Follow the number you wantsensor 

- Moment Notices When Number Is On the web 

- every minute of every day Following 

- Last Observed Reports and Nitty gritty Investigation 

- Free Expanded Watcher Preliminary 


- - 

1-Get message and answer without changing your last observed. 

2-Get and listen voice message. 

3-send and see picture. 

4-Simple to Spare and offer status(Story) for WhatsApp(Status spare). 

5-visit legitimately with WhatsApp client without sparing in contacts(Direct Talk). 

5-settle on voice and video decision without seem on the web.

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