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 Download to get free SMS,Call Log reinforcement and Reestablish with free PDF Reinforcement alternative. 

Presently you can get xml or PDF reinforcement of nearly everything (Contacts, Explicit contact Log, Call Log, SMS reinforcement, Call Log Measurements, SMS Insights, truecaller ) and you can quickly save these reinforcement in email, Google Drive/DropBox or save them on any cloud area/any place you need. Reinforcement and Reestablish highlight is accessible for SMS and Call sign notwithstanding PDF reinforcement which is accessible for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and insights 

Particular Highlights OF Application 

1-SMS Reinforcement and Reestablish/Most loved SMS Reinforcement into PDF 

E2PDF is exceptionally straightforward yet profoundly beneficial application that permits you to take sms reinforcement of discussion of your cherished once and afterward never free that again.  You should simply to choose discussion and prior to taking reinforcement in PDF, entire discussion shows up on your screen, you will enter yield document name and with a single tick reinforcement will be made. Produced reinforcement document can be put away on nearby drive or in email and can be momentarily shared/save in cloud area. 

Such a huge number, you can take 

With this application, client can likewise perform sms tracker activity for courts or lawful reason by taking PDF reinforcement in record and afterward utilizing entire discussion later on according to client prerequisite. 

2-CALL LOG (Discretionary DIALED, Got, MISSED CALL, DATE Reach) 

With Call Log reinforcement and Reestablish include, client can accept Call log reinforcement and reestablish it in some other gadget. Reinforcement is made in xml design which is likewise intelligible. With PDF reinforcement highlight, you can choose either to take reinforcement of Dialed, Got, Missed call or accept total Call Log and can utilize it according to your prerequisite. 

2-Explicit CONTACT LOG (Discretionary (SMS, CALL LOG)) 

Truecaller include is totally free. With this SMS tracker include, client can follow sms or call log of any contact. 

3-CALL Measurements 

Call Insights permits you get factual data of number of Dialed, Got, Missed calls and dismissed approaches everyday schedule. Furthermore you will likewise get data of all out call span of indicated date range. 

4-SMS Insights 

With SMS insights, you will get number of SMS Sent/Got on consistent schedule and just as all out number of SMS Sent/Got during determined time range. 


Presently you can get your contacts Reinforcement with custom highlights including Contact Name, Contact Number, Email Address. 

Vagrant email address are those which are saved in your gadget yet are not connected with any contact straightforwardly. 

GOOGLE CONTACTS Reinforcement/Fare Contact 

To reinforcement/trade Google Contacts to PDF, follow these means 

* Go to your contacts 

* Select Settings 

* Select Contacts 

* Select your Gmail account whom gets in touch with you need to choose. 

* Return to E2PDF, and select "Contact Menu" and following ordinary method. 

* Google contacts will be traded to PDF and will be prepared to save. 

PDF is created utilizing abandoned authors so yield record is viable with practically completely realized perusers including Adobe Trapeze artist, Nitro, Xodo PDF Peruser, Sumantra , Radaee ,Review, Foxit, PDF-XChange and some more. 

The yield produced document can without much of a stretch be shared over email, Whatsapp, Wifi-direct, Bluetooth and you can save it straightforwardly to your Google Drive or DropBox/icloud 

"sms reinforcement and reestablish" will be accessible in next delivery. 

E2PDF following highlights are finished free 

truecaller reinforcement, google contact, sms, telephone contact reinforcement. 

E2PDF turns out entirely great with different sms tracker applications

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