Dublicate File remover Secret App

 Output and Erase copy picture records, recordings, sound, archives and different documents 

The Copy Document Remover is an absolute necessity have application for all Android worked cell phones and tablets - A Basic and a Strong application which simply clears and erases the copy records aggregated in the gadget with simply a tick of a catch. The copy documents quietly get saved in our gadgets without getting seen and consume space in our nearby drives. These copy documents can create through different tasks in our gadgets which we complete on an everyday premise. For instance, accepting a picture document or a video record and sending or sharing them to different contacts can undoubtedly shape a copy document which consumes superfluous space. The Copy Record Remover application deals with this issue by breaking down and eliminating all the copy documents accumulated in the gadget. 

Highlights - 

Pictures - Copy Picture Remover - This choice outputs and checks the copy picture records of all arrangements in the gadget. When the examination is finished, it gives out the rundown of all copy picture records for you to check prior to erasing. You will have the alternative to hold any record you need all erase all the documents on the double. The first picture records will be held and not erased. 

Recordings - Copy Video Remover - The application scans just for copy video documents of all arrangements in the gadget. Recordings occupy a ton of room in our drives and thus, this alternative allows you to erase all the copy recordings shaped in your media and let loose your gadget space. 

Sound - Copy Sound records Remover - The alternative glances out just for copy sound documents and allows you to decide to erase them. 

Records - Copy docs Remover, Copy pdfs Remover - This alternative pays special mind to different doc documents, for example, docs, word document, txt records, PDFs and other office document designs and their copy documents. You may choose singular records to erase or erase every one of them. The first documents will be immaculate. 

Different Records - Copy reserve, garbage documents Remover - This alternative looks for any remaining copy records like apk documents, application store documents, and so on and erases them subsequent to taking your authorization. This is an incredible method to clear all the undesirable garbage documents in the framework and upgrade the gadget execution and extra room. 

The copy document development in Android gadgets is something which is unavoidable and needs checking at customary spans. With this consistently developing pattern of sight and sound sharing over web-based media stages, the gadgets are inclined to collect copy documents, which is the consequence of steady getting and sharing of similar records to different contacts. The Copy Document Remover application is faultlessly productive in handling this issue and helps keep your adored gadget more usable and trustworthy. 

Here's an example of a portion of the highlights stuffed into this lightweight application: 

- Free - Remo Copy Document Remover is a free application 

- One Tap Output – Simply a tap will start checking for whole extra room 

- Simple and simple to-utilize interface 

- Displays three distinctive Menu for Media, Archives and Others 

- You will even get warnings for new copy records in at regular intervals 

Working with Remo Copy Document Remover is simple: 

Snap "Output" 

Subsequent to Filtering gets finished, it'll show three tabs: 

- Media 

- Documents 

- Others 

Pick the tab which is fitting to you 

In 'Media' tab, select from Pictures, Recordings and Sounds 

Under 'Archives', all the copy petitions for instance .pdf, .txt, .xls and so forth… 

'Others' tab is for any remaining document types like .zip 

Select one of the copy document and hit erase

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