internet Data Blocker Amazing Andriod App

 The most secure Individual Firewall on the planet that fits in your pocket 

Protectstar™ Firewall Android 

★★★★★ Free security against programmer assaults and surveillance applications 

★★★★★ Motor dependent on man-made brainpower (artificial intelligence) with heuristic discovery strategies 

★★★★★ Individual Firewall: Control approaching and friendly traffic 

★★★★★ Square Applications: To hinder unapproved sending of individual information 

★★★★★ Insight Administrations: Square undesirable access from knowledge administrations 

★★★★★ Secure Channel Records: Assurance against known covert agent workers 

★★★★★ Identify Malware: Find covered up malware effortlessly 

★★★★★ Protectstar™ applications are liked by in excess of 3,000,000 clients in 123 nations 

The Protectstar™ Firewall Android offers you complete insurance against programmers and surveillance. Square assaults from the web and shield yourself from undesirable admittance to the web. Figure out which applications can and can't get to the web. 

With incredible firewall innovations, secure channel records, and man-made consciousness, you extensively ensure your protection and are likewise educated about the thing is being imparted to the world. 

Insurance and Control 

It is an amazing firewall application for Android with a natural UI. The firewall isn't simply prepared to use shortly, however it likewise shields you from programmer assaults and advises you when an application attempts to send information to the web. 

You can find progressively which applications are getting to which workers or squandering versatile information. With straightforward channel rules, you can even permit or deny singular associations with an application. 

Fight off Cyberattacks with Man-made consciousness 

Protectstar™ Firewall Android depends on the Linux firewall iptables to shield you from digital assaults. To try and outperform the security, we have consolidated the firewall with man-made consciousness. 

In light of the man-made consciousness advancements, for example, Profound Detective™ and Protectstar™ man-made intelligence Cloud, the Android Firewall battles off current programmer assaults, malware, and even security holes. 

Effectively Square Applications 

Did you at any point can't help thinking about why numerous applications that don't need web access actually need web authorizations? 

Typically, notices are set, or your delicate information is shipped off workers in China, Russia, or the USA without authorization. 

With the Protectstar™ Firewall, you screen and square this information traffic. With two ticks, you select the applications that ought to be obstructed. You can totally forestall online admittance to an application. This likewise improves the exhibition of your gadget and mitigates the battery utilization. 

High-Secure Android Firewall: Insurance likewise from the FBI, CIA, NSA and Co. 

Wouldn't it be incredible if a firewall could do substantially more than secure against programmer assaults! The Protectstar™ Firewall Android was uncommonly evolved to obstruct undesirable access by realized knowledge administrations and government associations. 

With our coordinated Interruption Avoidance Framework (IPS), every single known worker and IP addresses from the FBI, CIA, NSA, GCHQ, and a lot more are consequently obstructed. 

Also, you are shielded from referred to spy workers in nations, for example, China, Iran, and Russia, just as from spyware and versatile trackers. The counter ransomware insurance adjusts the protection from current ransomware. 


Protectstar™ Firewall doesn't gather any close to home client information and is sans promotion, similar to all our applications. 

Highlights FREE Version 

+ All traffic is constrained by the firewall 

+ Firewall security dependent on Linux iptables 

+ Improved firewall insurance against active associations 

+ Make custom firewall rules 

+ All organization associations steered through the own firewall VPN passage 

+ Authority over completely introduced applications 

+ Programmed updates of the artificial intelligence motor 

+ Firewall logging 

+ Interruption Counteraction Framework 

+ Firewall channel records 

+ Square foundation and framework applications 

+ Experiences into network traffic 

+ Live perspective on current information associations 

+ No root required 

+ Lessen battery utilization 

+ Lessen utilization of portable information

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